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Software solutions, priced specifically for small businesses and you will own the software

Automating your small business can seem like a big challenge. At Geforce Development, we know the value that software automation can bring to a small business. We understand that you have a budget, and that you can't halt your operations while you computerize or enhance the software. That's why Tesla Data offers a fixed priced contract upfront, so that we can determine what it will cost to create and install your software and agree on what work will be done in advance.

The price of our contract will be determined by how many hours your project will take. Geforce Development charges a flat rate of $85.00 per hour worked. Geforce Development will be able to work with you to come to an agreement about the amount of work required

One key choice for you will be whether or not you want to break the proposed work down to a series of smaller projects. If there are budget limitations, you may want to have us create the basic functionality this year, and make additional enhancements to your software next year.

Geforce Development can provide a remote database if needed. You can choose from either MYSQL or SQL Server 2005 databases. The fee for either database is $25.00 per month.

Below are our basic pricing categories. Keep in mind that the work you need might be smaller or larger than these generic offerings. However, you will own the software-the program code is yours and you can run it forever as is, or enhance and modify it on your own schedule.

Sample costs for a contract can include following:

Analyze business requirements
Design and architect the solution
Code software programs
Client Acceptance Testing
Software Documentation
Install a final version of the software on all computers

If you have a software project in mind, please contact us. We can be reached at 314.541.6600 or by simply submitting an email to

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